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  With the increase in use of mobile phones and computers, people will less tend to write letters, and the skill of   traditional letter writing appears to be a disappearing art. To what extent do you agree or disagree? How important do you think is the skill of writing a letter?


  This paper aims to express a personal opinion in relation to a meaningful communication and the importance of the traditional letter writing skill rather than using mobile phones and computers.

  In this age, people tend to try getting their message across to others by quicker means like short message service via mobile phones or instant messages on the computers. Admittedly, these are more custom made for the times we live in, in that, it provides the ease of convenience and saves a lot of time particularly considering the ever growing workloads we deal with & the need for time. On the other hand, we must accept that these modes of communication are not an effective replacement for the more traditional ones like letter writing. Are we humans totally controlled by the technology and will we one day forget how warm and touching it is to be communicated by personal letters from our family and dear friends?

  Notwithstanding the use of instant communication technology to communicate with others, it does not mean that traditional letters writing skill will disappear completely. There are doctors, solicitors, academics, writers and so on, who will still be involved with this traditional way for communication. The only downside we can see is that increasing reliance on mobile phones and computers for writing messages will decrease our spelling skills.

  The technological advances are indeed a necessity and we will continue to heavily rely on these to help us with our day to day needs of transmitting relevant information without wasting much time. However, just relevant information is often not good enough and there might be actual need to communicate more clearly and distinctly through a more reliable, error free mode of communication especially in some cases more than the others like medical reports and legal documents. If we are to avoid receiving ambiguous information from the doctors and avoid misleading clauses in business contracts for instance, it is necessary to maintain the traditional letter writing skill.

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